Thursday, February 05, 2009

This picture should be considered recent, but here it's still winter... this was from our vacation in Florida. Fortunately the weather is to warm up in the coming days. Perhaps it will melt away the yucky, dirty snow left from the plows. The ten-day forecast still calls for snow. It is just the beginning of February I suppose.

Jakob is doing great. He still enjoys attending preschool three days a week and is lucky enough to spend the other two days with his cousin Jack and his cousin Claire. Today he told me his Auntie Trisha makes all his FAVORITE food! A lucky, lucky boy he is. Kindergarten registration is underway at many schools and we will soon know where he will attend.

We took advantage of the sunshine and warmer temperature today. We stopped by Dairy Queen for ice cream cones and then spent a few minutes playing at playground at my school.

My 34th birthday was great! Jakob and Jim made me birthday cards and suprised me with a Wii Fit! We've been having a lot of fun with it! Jakob continues to out-bowl each of us in Wii bowling.

With any luck my next post won't take 5-6 months!

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