Thursday, July 24, 2008

When will I learn? Really?

I have been experiencing some major issues with dairy lately. Trying to avoid it at all costs, lest I be quickly repaid with acute illness. But this morning I tried coffee with half and half successfully. I haven't made coffee at home in weeks and I really LOVE coffee so this was a sacrifice. I was cautious, drank almost a whole cup but not quite. I felt fine all day. Fine enough to forget how terrible I've felt these past few dairy dapplings that I was seduced by a 60-calorie chocolate raspberry pudding cup. It was delicious and while I didn't lick the container clean, I enjoyed the afternoon treat.

Now I'm miserable. My stomach hurts and now I have no interest in eating any of the dinner I've been cooking for the last hour.

Maybe I'll learn after today... agony.