Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Prairie Dog family we will be... Much to our complete and utter surprise, Jakob was accepted into the Immaculate Conception School family! The letter was beautiful and started out,

"After much thought, prayer, and discernment, we are happy to inform you that your child has been accepted in to the kindergarten program at Immaculate Conception Catholic School."

Later it states, "We hope that you will read this letter with a sense of thanksgiving to God and perhaps a sigh of relief. As you may understand, others will be receiving a letter that will cause disappointment and hurt. We hope that your sense of gratitude to God will also turn into a prayer of petition for those families whose children we were not able to accept into the program for the upcoming school year."

This is the part is why I keep saying, "I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS HAPPENED!" 136 families applied for 90 positions. Families with siblings took the first 55 positions. Jakob is one of only 35 children without a sibling already in attendance that will be going, and 46 families were turned away. This is a place that historically children are on the waiting list from birth... Jakob's time on the waiting list has been so brief, it would be obscene to actually say it outloud.

So happy, so excited, thrilled to be the mom of an aspiring Prairie Dog!

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