Sunday, January 23, 2011

I became hooked on a few of these over the last few months. I printed my first one to decorate my office with at Christmas. This Valentine's Day one will work perfect in the frame I already have saved at school :)

The blog is, and her ideas are cute and explained in a way that it seems possible to recreate! Even more fun was that when I shared it on Facebook with a few friends, was to learn that they follow the blog too!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Stay home days...

It seems we've had quite a few recently we our two snowdays just before a three-day weekend. I love the lazy feel they have and how I was able to indulge in taking a nap the last two days. I love that Jakob gets to play in his room and read books. I love the time to not have to do anything... Even better is the snow in the forecast for later this week - this time of year is always quite unpredictable!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Apparently, without declaring such, I took the entire year and then some off from blogging. 2010 was completely without a single blog entry for the Adventures of Jakob. That could be quite misleading... maybe there were no adventures to report or to be had. Hardly. This is Jakob we live with ;0)

Jakob is now half way through his year of first grade! We discuss with great anticipation the events coming up in second grade. He's excited about receiving his first communion next year. We haven't really discussed reconciliation... I just might leave that one to his teacher and then randomly suggest little moments that might be great for his first confession - his ability to sass, not follow directions, leave his toys strewn about... I'm just kidding!

2010 was full of great adventures! We celebrated Grandma completing her last chemotherapy session for breast cancer diagnosed at Christmas of 2009. Jim was selected as Teacher of the Year for Frontier Middle School in Wentzville. I began a new job as an assistant principal intern at Duello Elementary School, which I love. We made two visits to Florida visiting with Grandma Jane and Tractor Bob and visit to New Mexico to celebrate Great-Grandma Schneider's 80th Birthday party. Jakob AND Great Grandma decided to each have pneumonia that weekend! I am happy to report that both followed their doctors directions and are as good as new! Jakob also broke his arm... the day before Halloween playing in a bounce house. As he tells the story, a fourth grader jumped on his arm. He broke both is radius and his ulna. His arm is also in great shape now and may have made for the biggest adventure of 2010!

As we approach the second half of January, we are excited to welcome February - one month closer to longer days and warmer sunshine!