Sunday, June 29, 2008

Do you have any idea how many blogs give away stuff? Great stuff? I had no idea. but I'm learning.

I came across this blog from another that I love, The Nesting Place, and I think she said it's the friend of her sister who just opened a shop. Well she's giving away an adorable bag and if you link back to her, your entry counts as double.
So nothing like dusting off the ol' keyboard and blogging again.

Here is her gorgeous shop - I'm in love with her personalized shell jewelry. I really hope I win and that I can add onto the order a monogrammed shell bracelet or necklace.

As of my last post, we were nearly buried up to our chins in endless snow it seemed. The snow finally melted and our summer hasn't been as hot and humid as winter was cold and snowy... not yet anyway.

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The Nester said...

Awww, you are so sweet!

About those vertical blinds... do you love them? If not, is there anyway you can get rid of them? for some reason they really seem to date a house and have a bad habit of falling apart. What about a rod found at a yard sale or goodwill and then even some premade drapes from Target or mistreatments?

heart you!